Come take my hand - we will go on a happy journey

On journeys one experiences all kinds of things, but above all knowing oneself best. I have met people who have changed my life, put my life principles into a washing machine and shook it properly in the spin cycle. I am grateful for these encounters, the experiences I made in faraway countries and at home and I thank each and every one who has crossed my path so far.

Traveling also means daring something. Sometimes such different worlds collided like ice cream and stew. I did not always understand the language that was spoken. Nevertheless I was able to talk. Necessity is still the mother of invention. So I fiddled through various countries and became a professional for hand-foot language. A great experience to play Twister in a completely different way.

I have a lot of stories to tell you, about foreign cultures, special people, curiosities, animal encounters and accommodations where not even my cat would sleep.

I saw Mount Everest, which reminded me how tiny we are here on earth. I married the love of my life in Las Vegas because it is just as crazy as we are. I sent a postcard from the smallest post office at the end of the world, because I send at least one postcard on every trip and I am happy to get one myself, like a little child.

I laughed and cried with friends on trips but mainly celebrated life in the here and now. How I love telling my family about my adventures from around the world and seeing the magic in their eyes and longing for the far away.

All this and much more makes me happy. And that is why I will never stop exploring this wonderful world, searching for the unknown, living every day as if it were the last and taking you with me on my discovery tours around the globe.


Don't worry, go travel!

Read it or leave it!

You decide what you read. Whether my travel tips are useful for you is something only you can decide. If there is something that made you fall asleep, that is not bad. You probably just needed a break, I understand that. You are welcome to try another article but make sure you are well rested and full of power, then you can get a lot more dynamic.


Blogger, author, photographer, social educator and solution-focused consultant. I am neither the typical backpacker nor a package tourist, a little bit of everything but most of all I am a world-loving and adventurous person.

Always my finger on the shutter release of my camera I try to capture the world in pictures.

What are you waiting for? Life is too short for sometime. Dream to the most beautiful places in the world and plan your next adventure with my blog.

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