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Hi, I’m Cori!

Blogger, Photographer, Social Worker, Author

I love to discover the world in all its facets.

I am neither the typical backpacker nor the all inclusive package tourist. A little bit of everything, in love with the world and adventurous.

I always keep my finger on the shutter release of my camera and try to capture the world in pictures.

The issue of climate and travel has never been as explosive as it is today. Does that even fit together? What can I do specifically to make the best time of the year more environmentally conscious?

With me you get a colorful mix of travel tips and inspiration around the globe.This makes long travel researches a thing of the past. Attention! Wanderlust guaranteed! What are you waiting for? Check it out.

In my shop there are beautiful things, which should remind you of your travel moments or are just beautiful. Let your heart jump higher and get your unique memory. Let’s go shopping and make yourself happy.

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Hiking in nature is more than just relaxation. Learn more about tours through breathtaking scenery.

Who am I? What else do I do besides travel? Find out and read more about me in private.

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What you get:

A colorful mix of travel tips and inspiration around the world. No frills, but information in a nutshell. Continually new informational content and a compass around the topic of sustainable travel with ideas for your environmentally conscious vacation.

Photos that give you guaranteed wanderlust and turn your anticipation for the next vacation into a party. Pssst ……. Secret tips!… ..Only tell friends.

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